The Best Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Yorkie Coat


You probably have the right tools to groom the hair of your Yorkshire Terrier.

But did you know that proper nutrition is also important to keep your dog’s hair and skin healthy and shiny?

If you want your Yorkie to have a beautiful coat, you must feed him a diet that is high in nutritional value and promotes a healthy skin and coat.

By giving him the right vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients, your little dog will feel and look great.

This high energy breed needs a diet that is balanced and includes a protein that is meat-based as well as fruits, carbohydrates, and vegetables.

When it comes to its coat, however, there are certain things that should be included in the diet of your little dog.

Maintaining a healthy coat

Yorkies with silky long hair are the standard of the breed. If that hair becomes brittle or starts to fall out, it can be due to his diet.

This is true with the Yorkie who sports a “puppy cut” as well as other styles and hair textures.

With a healthy coat as the goal, the diet of the Yorkie should include fish.

Found in fish are essential fatty acids, EFAs, that help keep the coat shiny and healthy.

Moreover, the addition of Omega fatty acids helps your dog absorb other essential vitamins and nutrients.

Balanced nutrition is part of maintaining your Yorkie’s coat as well as grooming.

The essential fatty acids affect both the coat and the overall health of the dog.

According to Pet MD, these as well as other vitamins are important for a healthy coat:

“Essential fatty acids moisturize the dog’s skin and proves to be beneficial for dog’s suffering from inflammatory skin disorders. EFAs work to improve the skin’s ability to act as a barrier to allergic triggers and other irritants.

It is recommended for dog owners to modify your dog’s EFA intake if they suffer from chronic itchy or flaky skin, or excess shedding.

Additionally, some experts are touting the benefits of vitamin A and Biotin — benefits such as better hair growth and healthier skin.”

The role of fats and fatty acids

Dietary fats are mainly derived from animal fats as well as the seeds and oils of different plants.

Wheat seeds

They provide the highest concentration of the source of energy in the dog’s diet. A carrier for essential fatty acids, fats also help carry fat-soluble vitamins.

Fatty acids are important in cell structure, and the addition of fats to food helps in the enhancement of its texture and taste.

Essential fatty acids are important in keeping your Yorkie’s coat and skin healthy.

It has been shown that puppies that were fed ultra low-fat diets developed hair that was dry and course as well as skin lesions.

Vulnerability to infections also increased.

Deficiencies in the family of Omega-3 fatty acids can also result in vision issues as well as impaired learning ability.

The family of Omega-6 fatty acids has been associated with important physiologic effects in the dog’s body.

According to Paw Castle, fat keeps your Yorkie’s coat in top condition:

“Vitamin E, Omega-3, and Omega-6 fatty acids all affect the sheen and health of a Yorkie’s coat. Vitamin A is vital for preserving a Yorkie’s eyesight, especially at night.”

Some dry foods contain fish oil, which is a great source of the fats that will keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny.

Is fat bad?

It is a myth that fat is bad for your dog. Daily Dog Stuff writes, regarding fat,

“Not all fat is bad. In fact, fats are an important part of a dog’s health. On a cellular level, fats carry crucial vitamins throughout the body.

Fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6 can do wonders to a dog’s appearance. They help maintain a shiny and healthy coat.

Fats also help provide additional energy while preventing a number of health issues.

Of course, too much fat can be a problem, so it’s important to regulate their fat intake to around 20 percent of their diet.”

Some manufacturers of dog food only supply 10 percent, the low end of the spectrum.

The higher end brands of dog food tend to add more, which makes the food taste better to the dog.

The Yorkie diet should always include foods that have:

  • Natural animal fat
  • Fish oil
  • Seed oils


High-quality dog food is especially important for the Yorkie.

As a smaller breed, they eat less food than larger dogs; it is important that their food contains all the essential nutrients that they need, including those that promote a healthy coat.

Proper nutrition along with grooming are ingredients for a beautiful Yorkie coat.

If you are making changes to the diet of your dog, consult your vet, as too much fat and oil can make the dog obese or overweight, while deficiencies of fat can promote dry and itchy skin as well as a dull coat.

Be sure that you know that the right nutrition is essential for a healthy coat of your furry friend.

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