Fleas and Ticks on My Yorkie: What Can I Do?!


If your dog goes outside, it is probably vulnerable to bites from fleas and possibly ticks.

You may be wondering what you can do about those pesky fleas to keep them from getting onto your Yorkie and biting him.

There are ways to protect your little dog that start with the environment.


The fact that your dog is close to the ground makes him a great target for fleas.

His curly hair makes it good protection for hiding fleas and ticks, and detection is often difficult.

The risk of anemia from bites is a real one, so you should take bites seriously. Other diseases that can result from flea and tick bites are:

  • Flea allergy dermatitis
  • Lyme disease
  • Flu-like bacterial infections
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • Canine anaplasmosis
  • Other contagious diseases

Risk of tapeworms are increased as the dog licks and bites the infected area, and they enter his body.

If your dog is allergic to flea bites, he will be itching and scratching, and hair loss can occur.


As far as ticks, if they are attached to your dog’s body for more than 36 hours, parasites can be transmitted and there is an increased risk of diseases which are carried by ticks.

Ticks are often found in mountainous and forested areas, so if you hike trails with your dog, be sure to check him afterward.

If you know you have been in an area where ticks flourish, do a check as soon as you return home. Check the following areas:

  • Skin
  • Armpits
  • Ears


Clean the Environment

The best protection against bites is environmental.

By doing some work around your house and the back and front yards, you can minimize the chances of your Yorkie getting fleas in the first place.

According to Vet Street, the first thing that you should be doing is cleaning up your yard.

Ticks like to hide in tall grasses, so lawns should be mowed regularly.

On the other hand, fleas tend to prefer warm moist areas, so debris from leaves make a good hiding place.

Raking the leaves and clippings in your yard will eliminate the spots where fleas like to breed.

In addition to making the yard safer for your Yorkie, you will be making your home neater.

Indoors, be sure to clean and vacuum your home at least once a month.

Discouraging them from reaching your dog’s body is the best prevention. Clean and vacuum the carpet and wash your pet’s bedding often.

If a flea enters your home it may lay eggs, infesting the whole home.

That is why your carpet, couch, and covers should be checked and vacuumed or cleaned.

If you see a flea in one part of the home, vacuum right away throughout all rooms.

Check Daily

Bushing and checking the coat of your Yorkie can be done daily. Signs to look for include skin infection, insect bites and flea feces on the skin.

Check his hairlines and stomach, which are very vulnerable.

Brushing daily, as well as flea combs, help remove any fleas that have made your pet their home.

Yorkie with her owner

If you find a flea on the comb, dump it in soapy water to prevent it from jumping back on your dog.

If you see fleas on one pet, be sure to check others in the household for any signs of infestation.

White specks on your dog’s coat might be the eggs of fleas. Clear away anything brown, black or white on your dog’s skin with a comb immediately.

Keep Your Dog Healthy

A dog that has good nutrition is healthier and not as vulnerable to infection from parasite bites.


If you decide to use a flea or tick shampoo, be sure to check for any ingredients that can be toxic or cause allergies in your little dog.

With applying a prevention product on your dog, you do not want to use one that is past its expiration date.

Also, do not use dog flea medicine on cats.

Always check with your vet first, as new products come on the market that may be better for your Yorkie than something you used in the past.

Your vet is familiar with your dog and might know which products are best.

The three types of treatments for fleas include:

  • Shampoos, powders, and spot-on treatments – eliminate fleas with different degrees of success.
  • Oral pills for flea control – these include medicines like Capstar and Comfortis.

If an infestation has occurred, they will kill fleas within hours.

  • Collars – are usually used with other products

The following have been recommended by some Yorkie owners. There are abundant other products out there; each dog is unique, so check with your vet as well.

  • Frontline Plus
  • Novartis Capstar Flea Tablets for Dogs and Cats
  • Bayer K9 Advantix II

Bayer K9 Advantix II

These are some ways that your Yorkie and household can be protected from fleas and ticks.

Remember to take your little furry friend for regular checkups as a way to prevent and protect him from fleas and ticks.

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